Aims of the course

The aim of this course is to give carers the knowledge and skills required to prevent a fire from starting, and how to react to a fire related incident within the home.

The session is aimed at managers and all staff. We will look specifically at the home environment and the equipment available locally, whilst undertaking are own visual risk assessment.

Carers will undertake an assessment at the end of the session.

Course Content

  • The common causes and hazards created by fire
  • Recognize and carry out fire preventative measures
  • What to do when a fire alarm is activated
  • What equipment do you have to fight a fire?
  • Understanding policies and procedures

On completion of this course the attendees will have covered these topics along with a number of others.

Duration / number of attendees

2/3 hrs and a max 15 attendees or to suit your venue.

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