Aims of the course

The aim of this session is to give carers the knowledge and skills required to prevent and control infection in the work place.

The Course is aimed at all staff within the care environment. It will help staff to recognise the infections they are likely to meet within their roles and how to prevent contamination of themselves and the residents, and how to break the chain of infection.

Carers will undertake an assessment at the end of the session.

Course Content

  • The legal requirements with regard to infection control
  • Cleaning of equipment and disposal of waste
  • Practical session to check personal hygiene practices
  • Risk assessment of the task ahead
  • Company policies and procedures

On completion of this course the attendees will have covered these topics along with a number of others.

Duration / number of attendees

2/3 hrs and a max 15 attendees or to suit your venue.

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